If you’re reading this from the comfort of your home, it obviously means you have a roof over your head. When doing home improvement, it is always of great importance to consider whether we need to invest in a new roof or not, as a faulty roof can lead to deterioration of your freshly painted walls, your new furniture etc.

A quality good looking roof will severely alter the look of your home, while also making your home more secure, more valued on the market, more modern. Here are several things to consider when looking for roofing solutions for your home:

Cost Of Installation

Installing a new roof will cost you some money. There is no way around it, because you absolutely want the best professionals to handle this job for you. A poor roofing job can lead to lasting damage that can cost you 10 time more the price of the roof in the future. You ceiling, your walls, your furniture and your family’s well being all depend on it, so this isn’t a job that should be taken lightly. On average, it costs around $6000 dollars to install a new roof. Obviously, this price will vary because of variables like style, the material you choose, and the size of your home. A bigger property needs a bigger roof, so the cost goes up.

Shapes And Sizes

Roofs come in all shapes and sizes, so there are a lot of options available that will be more or less suited to your home. These need to be carefully analyzed, and the final decision should always be made together with a roofing professional for best results. Here’s a shortlist with roofs shapes and sizes:

  • Flat Roofs: Cheaper in price but harder to maintain
  • Gable: A triangular type roof with sloping sides
  • Octagonal: A roof with eight sides that frames the rounded areas of your house
  • Hip: All 4 sides meet to create a sloped roof
  • Barn: A more ridged and curved roof opposed to the triangular version
  • Combination: Combines 2 different shapes to account for the shape of the house

With the use of a roofing planner and calculator you can get a better understanding of how much material you’ll need, but we’ll stress again the need for professional advice here.

Roofing Materials

Just like there are several types of shapes to choose from, there are also a wide variety of materials to look through and choose from, each with their own specifications. Here are the most common ones:

  • Roll Roofing: The cheapest solution, this wouldn’t be recommended for most homes. This material comes in a roll and can be found in various colors, but it lacks longevity and is mostly used as waterproofing under other materials.
  • Asphalt Shingles: A solid choice for many homeowners, they are quite affordable and not hard to maintain. These can go for around $1.50 per square foot and come in many variations in texture and size, so you can easily find a specification that works best for you.
  • Metal: Not ultra popular but durable and energy efficient. Good return on investment as it will save you money on heating as it will help control temperature in your home. Can be quite expensive though, at around $8 per square foot.
  • Slate: A great way to add quality and style to your home’s exterior. This type of roof will add a great look to your home and will also drive the price of the property up. An eco friendly option, it needs to be installed with great care and doesn’t come cheap, but is more cost effective than metal at around $3 per square foot.

A new roof will change the look of your home, and will add quality to your property. If you’ve made the decision to move forward with a new roof, only use trusted professionals for the optimal results.

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