Windows are more important in a home than you think. Sure, they provide natural light in your home, but that is just one of their uses and benefits. They also change the look of your home both on the inside and out. They can make an entire room feel more spacious and the great thing about them is they come in all shapes and sizes to fit any plan, budget or room.

Let us look at some Trends for windows in 2017 to pinpoint what is fashionable this year.

As in 2016, there is still a lot of demand for functional windows, as these bring on a good return on investment, so their popularity will likely continue for several years to come. Enhancing your windows with window treatments, curtains and drapes is also something very popular in 2017. Here are some of the most popular types of windows for 2017:

Energy Saving

A clear trend has started in the past few years that continues in 2017 and beyond, and that is sustainable home design. People want their investment to last and they want to maximize their returns. Using energy saving windows accomplishes all of that, as not only are you changing the windows in your home and updating the look, you’ll also be saving up to 12% on energy bills according to the EPA. Energy Star Efficiency label is what you should be looking for, and the price for one should be in between $150 to $2000 per window depending on the shape and size.


2017 will be the year of Vinyl Windows. After gaining steam and popularity in the past few years, more and more homeowners are turning to vinyl as a solution for window replacement and window upgrades. They come in all colors and sizes and also have some energy saving benefits as well. The price again is between $150-$2000 per window.

Focal Point

Big bright windows are here to stay. Not only that, but making the windows the focal point of your room is the trend that will fully explode in 2017. Highlighting your window gives the room a fresh open and modern look that is hard to replicate otherwise. By the use of small window treatments you can really enhance this look, something like adding mirrors next to the window and on the opposite side as well is what usually does the trick.

Fashionable Curtains

Curtains have never truly gone out of style, but their making a strong statement in 2017. Having bold curtains are the perfect accessory for your windows and will change the style of the entire room. You can even go for different styles for each season, and essentially change the whole feel of the room by just changing the curtains to match each season. Sure, you’ll need 4 sets of curtains, but you’ll also feel like having a fresh new room every 3 months. There are tons of cool fabrics and styles to choose from, so there is no shortage of options here.

Beautiful windows make a big statement in any room and in any house. Now that you know what the trends are in 2017, you can make better decisions with how you redecorate and what types of windows you should be choosing. Happy decorating!

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